Kelly Wolbert: Value & Worth

Kelly Wolbert: Value & Worth

Kelly Wolbert may be a graphic designer, but if you ask her (and we did), she'll nestle her love of art and design amongst her many other passions–family time, gardening, coffee and gathering with friends. A soon-to-be mother of three, she and her husband have called the Pacific Northwest home for nearly 8 years. Like so many they enjoy exploring all the region has to offer.

For Kelly, one of the wonderful things about their new nesting place is the community they have built. And community is a value shared by Veak Ceramics. “When you choose to shop small - you start to come to know the individual behind the product and business” Kelly notes.  “I’ve learned a lot from having friends in the creative small business world, how important their presence is in the market. I love that I’m supporting a real person when I buy from Veak.” Artistic eye aside, it’s also about that personal connection. “Sarah is also just a gem of a person.”

Shopping small isn’t just about being a thoughtful consumer. For Kelly, and for many of my customers, buying handmade functional wares adds depth to any space. “Sarah from Veak Ceramics truly has a special touch with each piece of pottery she designs and creates. Her eye for color, shapes, and construction of pottery are absolutely stunning” Kelly states. “I also love/appreciate that Veak pieces can compliment almost ANY space and personal style. As I’ve narrowed my style over the years - her pieces add such texture and personality in my home.”

And that personality is evident. Little fists, full of chocolate. The way new blooms gracefully dip in and out of sunlight. The rich aroma of freshly brewed beans, swirling hypnotically in an espresso cup. Kelly has crafted a unique space that is warm and intricate. She has placed worth over value as she has invested in handmade goods to bring the heartbeat of creators into her caringly curated space. “Purchasing hand-crafted items is an investment, but each item is so unique and not something you can buy at a big box store.” However, gathering deliberately designed goods not only adds personality, it also brings functionality into the space. “I love the versatility  -  I can dress each piece up or down and I still find new ways to use or display each cup, bowl, or plate” Kelly swoons. “Veak Ceramics are multifunctional and can be used in a variety of ways. I love that each piece has its own character and sense of personal touch.”

One-to-one, creator-to-customer is a cornerstone of Veak Ceramics–a literal hand-off of goods. Goods used for some of life's most intimate and necessary functions–bringing light, presenting food, housing flowers. Kelly is partial to the bowls, appreciating their ever-usefulness and always “finding a new style” she wants to buy. Those bowls–or plates or mugs or vases–hold more than just goods. “When I get asked about my Veak pieces in my home - I love the chance to share about Sarah and her work and why I continue to support and fill my home with her pottery.”

Thank you, Kelly. I am honored to share space in your home.

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