Our Story

Our Story

Born and raised in the southeast, Veak moved to Ithaca, NY in 2010 where she apprenticed with studio potter Renata Wadsworth. She learned everything from throwing pots to building and firing a wood kiln during her apprenticeship. Since the time spent in NY she has worked in various studios across the country developing and perfecting this latest body of work. She now resides in the urban core of Kansas City, Missouri working out of her "little, janky, home studio", complete with twinkle lights, magnetic poetry and on occasion, a studio bunny named Yarrow. 

Veak Ceramics

Artist Statement

My love affair with clay started at a young age. Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by the process and evolution of things. I watched with great delight at the slow evolution of a seed to a plant. The caterpillar that grew wings and tadpoles that grew legs were magic. The transformation of the landscape as a new season unfolded never ceased to leave me in awe. My work has grown out of the phenomenon of evolution. When I began working with clay I found myself in a perpetual state of anticipation at what would be unfurled in the next stage. It was a process where I was the catalyst, not just the witness. Over the years I have learned to let the clay speak to me in the process and allow it to take form and develop on its own.

Hours are spent dreaming up and drawing new forms before they ever make it to the wheel. Once there, I am moved by the ebb and flow of listening and guiding. Each piece is unique and the handle, knob or spout that is made is not without much thought. Listening to the piece and what it is asking for is crucial. This method of working is used through the process of carving, glazing and firing the piece to its completion.

I make functional ware because I am interested in the human experience with art and food. Food being emotional, social and sensual, I strive to make work that engages the senses by its visual and textural delight. That it might bring a table of friends and family together for a meal and merge the human appetite for both nourishment and beauty.

My desire is that my work will speak to you as well. When you hold it, drink out of it or eat out of it. I urge you to listen to the piece and what it may be telling you. My wish is that the process of the piece might continue for you as you take it into your hands and into your home.